Galaxy Kings
(Turn based Game)

This is a serious strategy game in global scale. The game is turn based, i.e. the game server makes a turn, sends you a report, you analyse the report using an existing Galaxy Viewer application, create your orders and send them back to the server. It reminds a chess game, but you play against many other players at the same time. The game server simulates an expanding universe with already thousands of star systems and a number of races. Some of the races are ruled by the real human players, some - by the server (AI nations). You may join as a new race (or nation). In this case you will be placed in some sector of an existing galaxy, having just one planet and some initial resources to start. Then you will try to research and occupy the nearby systems, design and build various ships, negotiate with your neighbours... You also may join as an existing race which has no owner.

Your goal in the game is to dominate in your galaxy, become a Master or even an Emperor of the Galaxy. To achieve that you need to defeat your neighbours and expand colonizing more and more star systems. You need to build up a strong economy and powerful fleet. Even if you have succeeded in your goal and eliminated all the opponents in your galaxy, the game isn't over for you if you want to continue. You can explore the space, find another galaxy and invade it… Each can use own strategy to succeed.

Because all the players are anonymous, each player can create a specific image of its nation, with its own moral and laws. Players may create alliances, make treaties, use intrigue and treachery. The Universe is unlimited. Currently has several galaxies and about 5000 star systems. The Universe is expanded when necessary to fit new players.

The game is command based, i.e. you issue written commands to you ships, fleets, colonies... what to do. The commands have a command line syntax similar to UNIX commands. Therefore the game is developing low-level computer skills and elements of programming in a fun way. You prepare an order for each turn. Each order can consist of simple comands (like sending ship or a fleet somewhere, setting up production...) and elements of code (setting up triggers or writing simple code to process many objects at once: you may have thousands of ships and colonies).

On the high levels it's a strategy war game. When you have hundreds of colonies and thouthand of ships you may plan to invade other galaxies, concentrating the fleets in a right place.

This game is the best suitable for IT people, who like (or would like to be familiar with) writing commands and some scripting code.

The main features:
- unlimited Universe
- possibility to design your own ships with different components
- lots of automation to make your race manageable when it grows up
- existing GUI to view reports and prepare orders
- rich set of commands
- own programming language to set up triggers and process many objects at once
- never ends: players can join/quit any time
- galaxy aristocracy - climb up to be a King and Galaxy Emperor
- many other things...

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