Joining the game

To join the game download the latest Galaxe Viewer: Galaxy Viewer

Start GalaxyViewer and select 'Join the game' in the Main Menu.
(make sure you have connection to the Game Server (see bottom-right corner), i.e "Galaxy Kings Server initialized"):

Populate the fields in the form:
you game name (not more than 30 characters long, latin letters only)
*Nation Name:
name of your nation (not more than 30 characters long, latin letters only)
It must be unique. You may use one of the existing nations by clicking on "Existing Nation" toggle
your existing email address where reports and messages will be sent
must have at least 6 characters, but be not longer than 20. Only latin letters and digits:

If you decide to join as an existing nation, tick 'Existing Nation' checkbox and select a desired nation from the dropdown list:

Note: you have to select (click) on the drop down item so the desired nation name appears in the field "Nation Name":

Click 'Ok' to continue
If your request has been accepted, you'll be requested to enter a validation code
The validation code is sent to your email address (check your mailbox):

If you entered a wrong validation code or waited too long (the code has expired), you'll see an error message like this:

... and you'll be returned back to the dialog. Just click Ok again to request a new validation code
If you validation code is correct, you'll see the following final question:

Click Ok if you'd like to set your user settings (email/password) in configuration (note: this will overwrite the old settings).
Whatever you clicked, you'll receive your actual report shortly:

You can choose a location of your Home Worlds if you join the game as a new nation.
(note: this is not necessary to do, but recommended - if you don't supply a home world id, the server
will place you randomly anywhere)
To choose a disirable location click 'Select' near the Home World ID field:

The following screen shows you not the whole galaxy (for 'security reasons'),
but only available home worlds and surrounding star systems in proximity 100 light years
Here you can chose to be closer to existing civilazations or be away from them
Use keyboard arrows to move the map, +/- or mouse wheel to zoom, drag by mouse:

The red stars are the colonies of AI (artificial intelligence) rulled nations.
They are controlled by the game server, very aggressive, not friendly, keep away from them
You can't negotiate with them (at least now):

The green stars are not colonized star systems.
It is good to have them near your home world, so you can expand easily without unnecessary fighting:

The blue stars are the colonies of other players.
You may try to arrange peace with them, but if not they may be more dangerous than AIs:

The yellow-green stars are available home worlds with one or more alien ships on the orbit
You can select one, but a presence of alien ships means this star system is watched by someone.
Also, as soon as your colony is created there will be inevitable battle on the orbit between the alien ships
and your ships. Potentially, your colony can be destroyed immediately, if the alien ships are more powerful.
Why alien ships could be there?
It can be scouts.
It can be other ships moving somewhere and appearing in this system in between jumps.
It may be ships guarding this star system...
Advice: if you have a choice to find a home world without alien ships - do it:

The white-green stars are available home worlds without alien ships on the orbit
These are the best choice you can have.
However, absence of alien ships doesn't guarantee that some ships are not moving to this star system:

Let's see a few examples of chosing a home world

This one would be a very dangerous choice with possibly lowest probability of survival
The home world has alien ships and located in the middle of AI civilization(s):

This one is much better choice than above.
Although, a number of aggressive AIs nearby is too big. Probability of survival is low:

This home world has many player's colonies pretty close.
This may be dangerous unless you negotiate peace with your neighbors.
Probability of survival is moderate:

This home world looks quite safe having just one player colony not far
Probability of survival is high:

Finally to select a home world just click on it (Text box Home World will be populated by the Home World ID):

Then you can continue the procedure described above to finish your registration