Screen Shots

(All the screenshots taken from the native client GUI available to download on the start page.
Note: these screenshots have no correlation with the actually running game.
They just show possible development as it may happen
(actually taken from the reports during simulation test running a few hundreds turns))

Typical star map showing visible stars on the first turn after joining the game

Typical colony view

Colony under attack (bombing)

Star map fragment

Colony view with some ships on orbit

Ship designer

Orders Editor

Typical star map after the game have progressed

Typical star map after the game have progressed (2)

Closer look...

Typical battle viewer screen (enemy ships shown as spheres - their types are unknown)

Typical battle viewer screen after the battle has finished

Bigger star map picture: a nation has developted itself at the edge of a galaxy
(purple dots represent unknown space groups, blue dots with lines - own space groups,
red dots with lines - not friendly space groups incoming to your colonies)

Even bigger picture showing whole galaxy (Game Master view)

Bigger picture showing two galaxies (Game Master view)

Bigger picture with the same two galaxies (Game Master view)

Another remote view where one can see the 3rd recently added galaxy on bottom left (Game Master view)

Closer look at the new galaxy (Game Master view)

The new galaxy (Game Master view)

New nation just started in the new galaxy (has no idea about the rest of the world)