Incoming Galaxy Viewer Prototype

The prototype can be downloaded here (Windows standalone only for now)

Unzip the archive in any conviniet place and run gv.exe.

The best results will be in 'windowed' full screen mode.
If you are not a player yet - use sample reports to play with.

Currently only the Galaxy map and a general Star System View with ships and space groups are done.

Use keyboard arrows keys to navigate the map and +/- to zoom.
The map can be dragged by mouse and zoomed by rolling the mouse wheel.
Left mouse button down when poiniting to a star and moving the mouse will show a line you can use
to measure a distance to another star. Everything is pretty much the same as in the old Reports Viewer.

Double click on a highlighted star to enter the Star System View.
Use keyboad arrow keys to move and +/- to zoom. Hold CTRL or ALT along with arrows to rotate
Press ESC to leave the Star System view and return to the Map.
Press ALT-F4 to leave the program.

It is still a lot to be done:
Ship designer, battle viewer and so on...

The full prototype is a bit bulky at the moment (nearly 240M after unzipping).
It contains lots of textures and materials to make the space sceenes looking nice.
It'll be optimized in the future to reduce the size.

ETA of the first release is the Middle of 2019.