Incoming Galaxy Viewer 2020

The Beta Release can be downloaded here (Windows standalone only for now)

Unzip the archive in any conviniet place and run GalaxyViewer.exe.

There is no documentation yet, but the interface is pretty intuitive
In Setting you need to set up an editor (to edit orders). Type 'notepad' to call notepad,
or any other simple text editor of your choice.
When you hover of some objects (ships, stars...), they are highlighted
Many highlighted objects have context menu accessible by mouse right click.

It is still a lot to be done:
Ground battles view, space battles simulator...
There are plenty of 'known issues' to be fixed.
Most of it should be fixed in the first release 2020

The beta release is a bit bulky at the moment (nearly 280M after unzipping).
It contains lots of textures and materials to make the space sceenes looking nice.
It'll be optimized in the future to reduce the size.